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Shuhei Takezawa violoncello, viola da gamba player was born in 1982 in Japan.

He playing violoncello as baroque style, classical style, modern style, viola da gamba and barytone. He has wide repertories ealry baroque to contemporary music.
He graduated at Tokyo University of Arts, and worked New Japan Philharmonic 2006 to 2013.
He studied with Keishi Miki, Tomoya Kikuchi, Nobuko Yamazaki violoncello players, and Hiroshi Fukuzawa viola da gamba player.
He is member of Bach Collegium Japan, The Classical Players Tokyo, Orchestra Libera Classica, and The Royal Consort in Japan.

He was teaching Toho Gakuen College Music Department till 2015.​Since Autumn 2015,

He graduated historical cello with Lucia Swartz and Jaap ter Linden at Royal Conservatory The Hague.

Concert Information

Iwao FURUSAWA × I Barocchi

09/02/2021(Tue)  start 14:00 start 19:00


10/02/2021(Wed)  start 14:00 start 18:45


more info

Orchestra van Wassenaer

07/03/2021(Sun)  start 15:00 





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